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how do i get an epc in wales

How do I get an EPC in Wales

How do I get an EPC in Wales? Are you confused about energy performance certificates (EPCs)? Read our quick guide to find out what they are and how to get one. Energy Performance Certificates are now a standard requirement for most rental properties: unless your property is exempt (see our recent blog on exemptions) you’ll need to have an ECP of band E or above to be able to legally...

EPC Certificate Exemption Wales

EPC Certificate Exemption Wales

If you’re a domestic landlord, you may be worried about the tighter energy efficiency requirements that are likely to come in for rented properties from December 31 2025. Dont worry though, you may be entitled to EPC Certificate Exemption. The current state of play is that your properties must have an Energy Performance Certificate (EPC) of band E or above – but the government is currently working...

boost the rental value of your property1

10 simple investments that will boost the rental value of your property

Sometimes you need to spend money to make money. Here are 10 worthwhile investments to help boost the rental value of your property. Buy new furniture Many tenants, especially in our geographically mobile world, will want a property that’s already furnished – but if you fill your property with worn, mismatched pieces, you’ll immediately downgrade its perceived value. Consider buying keenly...

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